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VR STUDIO team offers best practices in user experience. Also, in interaction, teleportation, and navigation design. We provide innovative solutions for all business and personal spheres. Best practices are in luxury brands, architecture, marketing, entertainment, and much more. We help in product prototyping and concept design.

VR/Ar IN marketing

and entertainment

VR/Ar IN business

and industry

VR/Ar in real estate

and architecture

VR/Ar in art

and culture

VR/AR IN education

and heltcare

VR/AR IN marketing and entertainment

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VR/AR IN marketing and entertainment


Virtual and augmented reality offers endless possibilities, not only for new product development and a new way of presentation but also for entirely new ways of training customers and employees. AR/VR is a normal part of manufacturing and industry.

VR/AR in real-estate and architecture

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VR/AR in real-estate and architecture

VR/AR in art and culture

Create VR galleries and museums, exhibit artworks in VR, and discover artists, history, remarkable cultures, and events from around the world in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

VR/AR in education and heltcare

therapy and treatment

VR technology brings the real environment into people’s minds and able to heal. VR/AR therapeutical applications for depression, eating disorder, acrophobia, and much more. Also, VR/AR occupational therapy for autism, post-traumatic stress, stroke patients, chronic pain, rehab, and surgery.

simulation and training

Virtual and augmented technology will be increasingly standard for surgical training; doctors use VR/AR technology to carry out virtual surgery training, which can reduce the possibility of operational errors in the future. VR/AR simulations and learning are best for high-risk processes and environments.


Virtual and augmented reality apps for education, that combine digital technologies and learning, improve the educational process, and allow students to acquire information visually. Students are learning by recreating life-like situations and learning much faster and with greater imersion and understanding.